Terms of Use

Business Partnership Portal (BPP) provides an online listing service for registered members to research commercial business (esp., commercial/residential real estate) listings. BPP is not a real estate broker nor will BPP be affiliated with a real estate entity. At no point will BPP be involved in the transaction process, nor will BPP assist members with capital or discussing funding options. It is intended to operate a standalone online service that allows commercial and residential property owners to list and advertise commercial and residential real estate properties.

The submission of information to BPP, as defined below, access to, and use of the BPP website (located at www.BusinessPartnershipPortal.com), and the commercial property and registered member services provided thereon (collectively, the “Service”) is subject to the following contractually binding terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions” or the “Agreement”).

If you are viewing, using or accessing the Service under a paid subscription, you are a “Customer.” If you are viewing, using, or accessing the Service, you are a Customer that is a “User.” These Terms and Conditions refer to Users and Customers collectively as “You.” You may only use the Service if you are at least 18 years old. No employee, independent contractor, agent, or affiliate of any commercial listing information, analytics or listings service is permitted to be a User or a Customer or to view, use, or access the BPP website without express written permission from BPP. By viewing, using, or accessing the Service, You represent and warrant that You are not a competitor of BPP Inc.

By viewing, using or accessing the Service through BusinessPartnershipPortal.com or through another website via BPP commercial listing and registered member service, You agree that these Terms and Conditions are a binding legal agreement between You and BPP. You also agree to be contractually bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice. If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, You are prohibited from viewing, using or accessing the Service and must immediately discontinue viewing, use, and/or accessr.


Membership Privileges

Membership privileges are granted by BPP to individuals exclusively and are granted specifically to the subscribing registered member only. Membership rights cannot be assigned, sublicensed, distributed, shared, viewed, accessed, or otherwise transferred to anyone other than the registered Member without the express written permission of BPP. By completing the registration process, You become a “Member,” and You represent and warrant that the information You provide is true, accurate, complete, and current. Each Member must maintain a valid email address and a password, which shall be utilized for logging on to the BPP system. Members are not permitted to share their individual login information with others. BPP has the right to refuse or terminate service to any Member, individual, organization, or firm (and all persons associated or affiliated with said organization or firm) that fails to abide by the Terms and Conditions, as posted and displayed on the BPP website, or abuses its rights related to the Service. Upon registration, User becomes a Gold or Diamond Member. Gold and Diamond Members may search using the Services and will receive access to the available advertised properties matching the designated search parameters.

BPP utilizes email as a vital and primary communication channel with Members, who hereby acknowledge and grant BPP the permission to communicate with them via email (as well as other communication channels such as phone and fax) for any purposes BPP determines to be relevant including, but not limited to, system messages, product updates, service announcements, and other marketing messages. BPP will honor Member’s request to opt out of marketing messages and other privacy-related requests to the extent required by law. By becoming a Member, You acknowledge and agree that the Company may record telephone and other electronic communications it has with You for their internal business purposes, including but not limited to training and quality assurance purposes.

BPP offers a private (fee-based) membership service that allows members to discuss business opportunities, commercial and residential listings, and that will provide an educational component of how to seek the right potential partner for a business. The BPP website only allows members to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various legal entities, e.g., partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies, but does not allow the legal formation of such entities on or through its website. The BPP platform is intended to bring together individuals and companies who may be seeking to form potential business partnerships. BPP platform associates individuals and companies based on their specific requirements that they provide in a questionnaire-based form when they register to become a member on the BPP site.