The Benefit of Finding a Partner Through BPP

The Business Partnership Platform (BPP) provides potential matching capabilities for members to identify potential partners with the goal of creating a new business or purchasing businesses or properties as a group.
  • A primary reason to hinder individuals from owning a business or expand their existing company is due to the lack of capital associated with startup expenses.
  • BPP provides members a platform to identify potential partners in order to fulfill their goal of creating or purchasing their desired business.
  • Some partners might have the necessary experience but not the capital to pursue their desired business, so they identify potential partners.
  • In scenarios where an investor has enough capital to fund a new business, partnerships can mitigate the risk of going "all in" on an investment by sharing the cost once they identify potential partnerships.
BPP members will be provided with:
  • Access to "BPP Chat", a new communication experience that allows individuals to chat with other members.
  • Access to available business listings.
  • Access to BPP Members Forum.
  • Limited advertising services to members to promote their business or to attract potential partners or buyers.